Sustainability Consultancy

The demand for more sustainability in politics, economy and society presents many people, especially entrepreneurs, with the question what is it all about exactly, and what contribution could you and your company make. We'll help you get a basic understanding of the subject.

Our advice on sustainability encompasses three inter-related services:

Training and workshops on the subject of sustainability

First, it is important for us to introduce to you the topic areas of sustainability, because only then can you decide which aspects are important to you.

Development of a sustainability strategy

After we have presented the basic aspects of sustainability in training sessions and workshops, and worked out with you which aspects are relevant to you, we help you develop and implement a sustainability strategy for your company.

Production of sustainability reports

In addition to the internal implementation of the sustainability of your business-building activities, it will be important for you to communicate your commitment to the outside world. The creation of a sustainability report is an excellent tool for this - we would be more than happy to help you with the preparation of the report.

In the various subsections we present the steps in more detail. Let us inspire you!