Building products

For some years now advances in the development of sustainable construction have progressed rapidly. For manufacturers of building products it is therefore often difficult to keep track of the numerous changes in laws and standards. With our many years of experience in this field we can help you and clarify the latest developments for you.

Below are some examples of our activities.

  • In the current version of the building product regulations sustainability is an integral part. We will explain the details and provide you with a pioneering approach that gives you security.

  • Due to the high energy efficiency of new buildings nowadays, building products are now becoming the focus of sustainability assessment. Therefore for many producers it makes sense to determine the sustainable qualities of their products and to communicate to the outside world. We analyse these qualities and assist you in this communication.

  • We can help you create or revise your Environmental Product Declarations in accordance with ISO 14025.

  • Should you so wish we can represent you in national and international committees on the topic of sustainability and keep you informed of current developments - in this way you stay up to date and can recognise any need for action at an early stage.

Take advantage of our expertise in such projects and ensure your competitiveness.