Product Analysis

The requirement for sustainable buildings also creates a new challenge to the construction products used. Here the manufacturers are often asked what strengths and weaknesses their products have in this regard. We determine them as part of a SWOT-Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads).

As part of the analysis we examine:

  • Where the chances lie for your products in regard to a sustainable development.

  • Which criteria for the certification of buildings would be influenced in what way by your products.

  • How high the energy cost for the manufacture of your products is in comparison to competing products. 

  • Where there are weaknesses regarding the sustainability quality of your product and what the potential is for optimisation.

  • What market risks exist for your product in a progressive demand for greater sustainability in the construction industry.

The results of the internal analysis can be used by you to improve both your product and your marketing. Take advantage of the strengths of your products and demonstrate the lasting benefits in their use.