You would like to inform your employees and customers about topics relevant to sustainability or about the concrete sustainability of your products, but you do not have the time to get involved in the preparation of the slides, or you lack the fundamentals necessary?  No problem, we will do it for you!

Our training and workshops include, for instance:

  • General introduction to the topic sustainability and sustainable building - reasons, goals, opportunities of sustainable building and your products in particular.

  • Explaining the objectives of different groups of people - what advantages does sustainable building have for the building owner, users and other stakeholders?

  • What information does the Architect / Specialist planner / Auditor need to demonstrate sustainability?

  • Which practical tips on using your product promote the simple sustainable use?

You want to take over the lectures and training yourself? On request we can help you target audiences, create training materials and presentations which you or your employees present on various occasions such as trade shows, board meetings, congresses and other conferences.